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Fikelela means 'reach out' in Xhosa and is the HIV&AIDS outreach programme of the Anglican Diocese of Cape Town. Fikelela was founded in 2000 with the vision of providing an active Christian response to the HIV&AIDS pandemic in South Africa.


The vision of Fikelela is to mobilise the Anglican community to make a sustained positive contribution to the reduction of the number of new HIV infections and to drive HIV&AIDS education and acre, in partnership with others

Mandela Day - Mandela Month July 2017

We encourage families, friends, churches, communities and schools to embrace our request of collecting toiletry items and a blanket.  We are overwhelmed by how good a response we receive.  These donations are then shared with the Anglican homes, orphans within the support group structures and creche’s that are attached to our groups.

 We express our sincere gratitude for the joy and blessings that we received on Mandela Day. 

List of visitors:  

1.        Wallace Katiyo accompanied by colleagues of Barrack Street Cape Town, town donating soccer balls, rugby balls, tennis balls, hooler hoops, checkers games, building blocks, luxuries, grocery items and toiletries .

2.         Wadududah   with some colleagues of Edge Growth Newlands, spoilt our children with party boxes, hotdogs, toys, educational posters, puzzles, face paint and soccer balls.

3.         Masabata Potsane with colleagues of Saratec, they were cleaning windows, cleaning the play area, donations of groceries.

4.         IMATU - brought along a huge cheque and there was so much singing and dancing when the cheque was handed over .  An amazing donation of R30 000-00 was received and the children were going to be spoilt of with some “nutrional party packs” the following week.

5.         Fezeka Rayi with colleagues of Transport and Public Works EPWP from Riebeeck Street Cape Town they donated groceries.

6.         Department of Environmental Affairs and Development Planning brought along grocery items and cleaning materials.

7.         Ackermans Head Office in Kuilsriver did a little mini- make over at the centre, beautiful curtains, blinds, a chest freezer.

8.        Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 Ignatius of Hope Africa made it possible for COTT students (Theological College in Grahamstown) to actively engage at the centre,  by doing operation clean up,  clearing the yard area of the bungalow and all of its content.  Those extra helping hands were the best because operation clean up took us about an hour and that assisted us because we don’t  have the  man power to take on such  duties.  

It is really encouraging when we see so many Corporates coming to visit and how they bring joy to our Children.  When you see the CEO of the company washing windows, holding the children and engaging it brings tears to one’s eyes because the emotion that it evokes in the children is totally priceless.

Thank You for making a difference to our Centre on Mandela Day and during the month of July.


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Orphans and Vulnerable Children

Fikelela Children Centre

The centre has been running in Khayelitsha for 11 years, providing short term safe care for up to 40 children aged 0 to 8. We provide a secure and nurturing home environment for children from all over the Western cape who have been abandoned and orphaned, neglected or abused. Children are nursed back to health and put on anti-retrovirals when necessary. We then place them with extended family members or supported foster families. We have a very high success rate of placing children.


In partnership with Home from Home, we run are running a foster care home for six children. The Home from Home model is to provide small homes in the community where no more than six children are looked after by foster carers. This means that children are raised in a family environment.

Prevention Work

Survivor Africa

A seven week youth sexuality programme has been devised for the confirmation classes which deals with issues of sexuality from Biblical perspective. Confirmation class candidates are offered a seven week course called Survivor Africa, which focuses on sexuality. Confirmation class teachers are trained to run this programme, and completing a sexuality course is a pre-requisite to be confirmed.

Agents of Change

Research into sexual activity amongst the Anglican youth revealed how vulnerable they are to HIV infections and teenage pregnancies. Young people are trained as peer educators to teach a 20 session life skill programme to their youth groups. As agents of change they are empowered to live the message as well as give the message. A peer education programme called 'AGENTS OF CHANGE'. This programme combine various aspects.
  • Training for peer educators. Young people are elected by their peers and trained to become both educators and role models. "The message you live is more important that the message you give"
  • Life skills programme. The peer educators present 20 sessions of a life skills programme to the youth group in the church, to which other members of the community are invited
  • Facilitators: The youth group leaders are trained as facilitators of the programme, and given skills in mentoring and basic counselling
  • Parenting workshops are run, to help the parents to be able to talk to their children about issues of sexuality

Jerry Giraffe

In partnership with Think Twice we have developed a Sunday School curriculum which helps to protect children from the dangers of child abuse and teachers about HIV in a fun an interactive way. Fikelela in partnership with an organisation called Think Twice offers a programme for Sunday schools. The programme is named Jerry Giraffe, after the toy giraffe which will be used to help learners have fun while learning. The programme has 10 lessons and runs for ten weeks or longer depending on the parish needs. Jerry Giraffe focuses on teaching young children about making good choices in life and learning to treat other people with kindness and compassion. The programme Jerry Giraffe also focus strongly on child abuse awareness, teaching body pride and what to do if faced with potential abuse or if a child has been in an abusive situation. Another strong focus area is on HIV/AIDS. The basic facts on HIV, how it is transmitted and how your child can keep him/herself safe from infection through avoiding contact with blood from friends when accidents happen during fun games in the playground; will be taught. This section will also touch on stigma of HIV&AIDS and contribute to a generation that is HIV free yet respects those around who are infected and affected by this pandemic. If you are a Sunday school teacher and would love to attend the Jerry Giraffe training the cost for the training is R150, which includes all the training with a manual and CD of songs and a Jerry Giraffe resource pack. You can also purchase a Jerry Giraffe soft toy at R60 (one per church).

For more information about the programme please contact Mildred Jutzen on 021 469 3775

HIV Task Teams

Our key strategy is the formation of HIV&AIDS task teams in churches. 37 Task Teams are currently running. They raise awareness in churches through celebration of World AIDS Day, Candlelight Memorial, Orphan Day etc. They also serve in the community by caring for orphans, supporting people on ARVs, hospital care, providing food parcels and fundraising.

Support groups

In partnership with our parishes we offer a safe space for adults living with HIV. Here they find mutual support, pastoral care and learn about positive living, We also have skills development programme where they learn income generating skills. We are currently supporting 11 groups which assist 400 people.

Fikelela AIDS Project


Beverley Hendricks Telephone: 021 469 3776 Email: hendricksb@ctdiocese.org.za


Natasha Pakoe Telephone: 021 469 3775 Email: fikelela@ctdiocese.org.za Fax: 086 297 9982

Field Worker

Mildred Jutzen Telephone: 021 469 3779 Email: jutzenm@ctdiocese.org.za


Vivian Miller Telephone: 021 469 3789 Email: vivian@ctdiocese.org.za


Bernard Mizeki Building Zonnebloem Estate 1 Cambridge Street Cape Town 8001 P O Box 1932 Cape Town 8000

Fikelela Children Centre

Centre Manager

Revd Lulamile Mzuzu Tel: 021 367 0089 or 021 367 5133 Cell: 082 622 6131 Email: manager@fikelela.org.za

Social Worker

Mrs. Lilian Zweni Tel: 021 367 5133 Email: socialworker@fikelela.org.za Cell Number: 083 363 5197


Christmas Tinto Street Mandela Park Khayelitsha 7784