Mandela Day 18th July – Toiletry Drive

We are inviting you to embark upon a journey of making a difference to the lives of children and young people who are being looked after by carers. Our dream is to be able to collect and then support all of the Anglican homes with some toiletry items and give these gifts to them as part of our “Mandela Day Drive”.

The items that we are collecting: 1 tube of toothpaste, 1 toothbrush, 1 bar of soap and a facecloth. This will enable us to share the gift with either a girl or a boy. Together with your support, we will be able to bless the following homes: St Anne’s Home, St Francis, St Georges, St Michael’s, Leliebloem, Heavens Nest, Fikelela Children Centre and Zonnebloem Cottage.

If any additional information is required please contact our office (021) 469 3775.

Thanking you!

The Fikelela Team

Meeting with Russell Sheldon representing Emirates Airline Foundation

The visit was to discuss the extension to the boy’s side of the Centre in Khayelitsha

Frances and Ali’s time at Fikelela Children Centre

“We have just returned from our trip to South Africa where we volunteered at Fikelela Children Centre in Khayelitsha. Our time a Fikelela has given us greater insight into the problems faced by many families that are unable to look after their children. What struck us most at the home was the unconditional love and care that the carers gave to the children providing them with structure, routine and a stable environment. All this is happening in the background whilst the team look for a more permanent arrangement for the children.

The team work and dedicated cooperation shown by all members of the Fikelela team was something to be admired. The team worked together to put the child first at all times and to make sure they will always be loved no matter where they go.

The administration and organization of the medication required by the children was another facet of everyday life at Fikelela. We learnt allot from the professionalism showed by the carers in this aspect. It has been a privilege to be given the opportunity to volunteer at Fikelela. We would like to thank Beverley and her team for giving us this chance to be part of the Fikelela family. We had great fun playing with and getting to know all the children and the staff”

St Thomas Rondebosch and St Mary Magdalene Gugulethu

The parish of St Mary Magdalene, the volunteers and the grannies hosted the Parish of St Thomas Rondebosch and Fikelela to a thank you tea. What a wonderful event, the Grannies used their pension money to contribute to the event and to arrange a gift to each and every person who attended the event. A true testimony of relationship building, everyone was seeing to the infected and affected we decided to focus on the “carers” the grannies.

St Andrews Newlands food/love parcel packing

On the 1st Saturday of every month St Andrews Newlands packs 180 food parcels for Fikelela Aids Project. A wonderful story everyone is involved, the young and the not so young, the young ones have amazing energy and they race up and down competing with each other who can pack the most packs. It takes just under ¾ of an hour to pack the parcels, then the parcels are loaded and delivered to Zonnebloem until distribution day which is on the second Thursday of every month.