Fikelela appeals for assistance

Warm greetings from your Fikelela family. Unbelievably we have already journeyed together for 6 months of the year 2017.

We are approaching the winter months and the cold weather affects behaviour. For this very reason we wish to highlight our experiences over the past couple of months.

Several Parishes have given Fikelela the opportunity to engage with Confirmands around our confirmation program Survivor Africa. We are highlighting concerns around the issues that these young adults are struggling to deal with. Fikelela has the ability and the capacity to educate these young people and to support with these issues that they are highlighting as struggles. Examples are self -esteem, body pride, confidence levels, bullying, dealing with their sexuality and their behavior. After the Survivor Africa program has been completed with them, we are also able to offer our life skills program Agents of Change. This is an added participatory teaching peer to peer model that would strengthen our young adults to be more equipped around their choices and coping mechanisms.

On behalf of these young people we as Fikelela are appealing to the Parishes within the Diocese of Cape Town to call on us to provide the service to the young people who are seeking assistance. Please do not hesitate to contact us we are very willing and able and we want to ENGAGE, EDUCATE AND EMPOWER.

Our child and youth care centre based in Christmas Tinto Street, Khayelithsa a temporary safe care facility for up to 40 children. We have become a multi-racial, multi -cultural Centre. ‘Your child is my child’ your assistance and support for us to run the Centre is becoming quite critical now. We are appealing to our Parishes within the Diocese of Cape Town to support the project attached to Fikelela. It is a wonderful opportunity for Sunday Schools and Youth groups to visit and engage in a practical way and spend time with our children. Our amazing Jerry Giraffe programme equips young ones to know the dangers of strangers, good touching and bad touching and the importance of their bodies. Parents, who struggle to teach the young group age 5 – 10 years, please do enquire about the programme. A recent statistic shared, 20 Children murdered in Cape Town since the beginning of the year. That is frightening! Together we can make a difference.

Offering support and being a support are two key elements of ministry. More and more we are discovering people who are infected and aware of being infected, yet they share openly that they have no knowledge of this disease. Amidst our thinking of we are tired of hearing about HIV awareness the need for ongoing awareness education is still urgent.

Support groups the safe space and place that we offer people, to feel the love of Christ, to be the love of Christ. A wonderful opportunity to be brought to your knees and experience with us the stigma, the rejection, the loneliness, the pain of not being loved. Each client receives a monthly food parcel which the Organisation receives as a gift. Our journey is one of reality. Attached to our support group structures is also an opportunity to teach people skills like sewing, beading, knitting, crocheting, fabric painting, and Basic English classes.

Hospital Ministry – It is at the ARV sites at the various facilities that we experience the emotion of people who have just been diagnosed for the first time, young and old. It is at this point that we comfort them, take them on a journey of renewed strength and hope. They are referred to our various support groups where they can be supported. At the hospital we offer the clients 2 stop hunger meal packs. We are seeking helping hands if there are any to assist at the facilities.

Your Fikelela family is asking for your kind assistance, if any additional information is required or clarification of information; please do not hesitate to contact us.

Ways in which you can assist, whether it be financial, physical , emotional, spiritual we prayerfully ask for your consideration of our appeal.

This is what we spend monthly on the project which excludes any salaries:

Telephone                                        :     R4000-00
Stationary                                         :     R3000-00
Electricity                                          :     R5000-00
Rates & Water                                  :     R1200-00
School fees pre-school and grade R  :   R2000-00
Medication                                          :   R4000-00
Nappies                                               :   R7000-00
Petrol for transporting children to school and hospitals  :   R5000-00
Transport for hospital ministry and skills development   :   R5000-00
Food for the 40 children                     :    R41000-00
Training and developing                     :    R10000-00
Refreshments for support group sessions and hospital ministry  :  R3000-00
Stop Hunger Packs                            :     R1500-00

May what we share with you touch your heart deeply. We are seeking financial support from our Anglican family and beyond.

If you would like to donate towards our running cost we really need your support.
Banking Details : Standard Bank Thibault Square
Account Name : Fikelela AIDS Project
Account Number : 070060320
Branch Code : 020909

Beverley Hendricks