Mandela Day at Fikelela Child & Youth Care Centre Khayelitsha

A memorable day for us as we celebrated the life of an icon and many wish to make a contribution of 67 minutes. At our children’s home we welcome this type of support with open arms. We started our morning at 9:00am with a group from the Stellenbosch University doing operation clean up, inside and outside. Despite the cold weather and the rain, spirits were not dampened as everyone was focused on why they came to visit on Mandela Day.

The children continued with their morning programme until the Fire and Rescue team from Ottery arrived with their fancy trucks and uniforms. It took a while to settle them down and to continue with their story telling and their creative session of dance to the music.

Station Commander Girie, Smit and their team were caught up in the vibe and atmosphere of the children and they were happy to just embrace the children, get them to touch the uniforms before the request for the older children, to see the trucks. The children enjoyed the feeling of the water squirting from the fire-hose and the sound of their laughter showed their delight.

The fire and rescue team prepared hotdogs and cooldricks for the children and the staff and the children sang their prayer “thank you father for our food and the many blessing” which was exactly what they experienced. Fire and the Rescue promotional items were left with us information leaflet, keyrings, pens, rulers and a few note books.

KFC: Couch arrived with the staff from a few branches and they blessed our children with some non-perishable food items and beautiful red plastic “add hope” bowls. The children were just about finishing their hotdogs and within a couple of minutes we had a big circle with clapping of hands, singing of songs and dance movements. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room as we witnessed joy, fun, lots of laughter and a room filled with happy children.

Our next group who visited was Globeleq and they blessed our children with new comforters and pillows for their beds, some educational toys, KFC meal for each child and KFC chicken for the 15 staff members present.

The rain and cold weather restricted us to having all of the children indoors and all activities inside as well, we are so grateful for the patience, perseverance and tolerance of everyone.

We had storytelling done by our very own “Globeleq fairy” and the children simply loved the spoiling. Everyone had their faces painted as different characters and the personal touch, engaging and interaction really emphasized what Nelson Mandela highlighted so beautifully. Tap into your humanity and unity is created.

To end of their visit Globeleq blessed us with a beautiful washing machine to assist us with coping with the washing of the children’s clothing.

Our last visitors for the day was IMATU who is the trade union for the City of Cape Town workers and they handed over a cheque for R30 000-00 which we would be using for our computer/homework corner.

The city officials present were very proud when they witnessed the handing over of the cheque to Fikelela as they were very aware of their contribution to the union and how the funds were being used. Another proud moment for us.

It is with a grateful heart that we share our Mandela day journey with you and also to encourage an inspire all of the staff to not stop what you are doing the good work is being seen by the way our children responded to visitors and by the time that was invested with them.

With much love and appreciation

49 people visited our centre, with 15 staff present and 36 children

Beverley Hendricks
Fikelela Aids Project