Fikelela means reach out and this is our motto that we strive towards daily. Due to lockdown we are still not allowing any visitors to our Child and Youth Care Centre. 

Mandela Day 2020 we might not have had the joy of receiving visitors we shared with the children stories of Madiba and they were very excited to make a poster and little thank you cards. We had decided to do a drive thru Mandela Day campaign and the children were going to hand out the cards at the gate. Sadly there were no visitors pitching as most of our supporters are aware that we are not receiving visitors. Our highlight for 2020 Mandela Day was reaching out to 5 young ladies who requested assistance with toiletries. What a pleasure to be able to support them it takes great courage to make requests of this nature.  It started off with request from 5 and soon it would be 15 or 25.

We want to support and we intend making a difference within our Diocese. It is quite sad when you are made aware of young people having struggles so real that they have no soap or toothpaste or roll on. 

On behalf of our  young people Fikelela is appealing to family, friends, organisations, businesses and schools  to support us during this period of lockdown to be able to purchase basic toiletries including sanitary-ware  , stationary items and a small packet of treats. 

Please contact Bev Hendricks at 0832855977 or if you would love to support this initiative.   

With much love and appreciation.

Beverley Hendricks


Fikelela Aids Project