Dear Lord Jesus, thank you for the blessing of children. So many children around the world have become orphaned or abandoned for so many different reasons, and have never known the love of a mother or father.

Thank you for their noise, their silliness, their innocence. During Child Protection week we are reminded that children, need food to grow, shelter to survive, education to reach their potential, and love to become emotionally stable human beings. Usually, providing this food, shelter, education and love is the duty and joy of parents, but when there are no parents, you tell us it is our responsibility.

Help us Oh God to fulfill this responsibility.  Help us to understand how best to care for your children when their parents can’t.  Help us to spread our energy and love where it is most needed.

Lord, help us to create a world where all children can be safe, noisy, silly, and innocent, and where all children can grow up to reach the potential for which they were created.

Today we bring before Your throne of grace, the many children in children centres today that are having to live their early years, without the loving support of a family.  Look down in pity on all who are alone and vulnerable in this evil world, and Father draw close to all orphans and hurting children. Supply their needs and bring them into contact with those that will support, help and protect them from those who would prey on their innocence.

Watch over these children and young people, we pray. Comfort them in their trials, and provide for them when they are in need. Educate them when they are abandoned, protect them from those that would take advantage of their vulnerabilities and heal the physical and emotional hurt that so many have had to face in their young lives.

And Father, we ask that in Your grace, You would draw near to each one and bring them into a saving relationship with the Lord Jesus. Meet each one at their point of need and cover them with Your grace. In Jesus’ name we pray,